MetCon-1 is our core group fitness program. It's unique to Urban Fitness. If you are looking to get fit, toned and in the best condition of your life then these are the classes for you. 


MetCon-1 will not get you “bulky”.

We use mainly bodyweight exercises and sometimes add kettlebells, rowers and other functional equipment to provide variety, challenges and fun to every class. We do however offer Olympic weightlifting Coaching. Click here to find out more.


Intensity and constant variety are the keys to effective training. 

Our workouts change every day therefore your body has to keep adapting to the different stimulus. This means you get fitter, stronger and leaner. Yes they can be challenging and yes, that's why people come to us. It's our job to push you towards your goals.


Or another way to say it – NO EXCUSES!

Simply put, this means that if you can’t do an exercise due to whatever reason, we will find you an alternative solution so that you can take part. On the flip-side, if something is easy for you then we can definitely make it harder!


We cap our classes at 20 people.

The intimate size of them allow us to get to know you by name. It also means that you receive a more personalised Coaching experience every time you come in.


Training alone is so 1989.

Another bonus of the smaller classes is that you’ll soon find buddies to train with which gives you accountability and the motivation to come in more frequently. 


MetCon-1 classes are 45-minutes in length.

No one wants to be in the gym for hours on end. We can do a lot with you in that amount of time. Perfect for busy working professionals all the way to our full time Mum’s! Try a free class and then you’ll understand.


Like a group personal training session.

Some gym's classes are so big that they end up just supervising and making sure people don't hurt themselves. Our classes are small enough to ensure you get a better training experience every time you come in.


Your brain, like your bicep is a muscle.

Why stop learning when your an Adult? Whether it’s teaching you how to swing a kettlebell safely or to use your own bodyweight more effectively. One of our goals is to impart some knowledge bombs on you during each session. 


After you’ve evaluated some of the above benefits of training at a smaller gym you should now have a better appreciation of our membership options.

$50 for Unlimited Classes
Our most popular membership. That’s as little as $10 per class if you are a frequent user.

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$175 for Ten Trips
Perfect for those with other gym memberships or people that can’t quite make it in as frequently as they would like.

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Try A Free Class
We always welcome people to try our classes first. You'll soon understand that it's not scary or intimidating. Just a bunch of regular humans working to improve their lives one day at a time.

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